Monday, January 11, 2010

sermon on the left coast

Am I the only one who noticed the great irony of two Associated Press articles in the newspaper today, one about how China was caught making children's jewelry from cadmium, a known poison, and the other about how China has just taken the lead as the world's biggest exporter? How many years have we been hearing about how China has been injecting poison into its farm and factory products, usually because the poisonous ingredient is cheaper than the real one? I know it's hard to avoid buying products from China these days, but isn't everyone trying to stop buying them? No? Why the hell not?

The article describes China as a "key voice in managing the global economy." Does this sound like a smart idea? Why are we letting this happen? Economists have been saying for years that China's been holding more and more of our debt and that that might someday backfire on us if they were to decide that they didn't want to hold it anymore. Is anyone listening to these economists?

Boycotts used to work in the old days. Just a suggestion--stop buying Chinese products, especially if they are edible or if they are for children. Suggested easy fix--buy local.

Oh, and speaking of economics, if you haven't already done so, move your money from that major bank that's ripping you off to either a local bank or a credit union. Get rid of your major bank, high-interest credit cards and if you need a credit card, get it from a good non-profit or from your local credit union.

Sermon over.

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