Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pardon my French

Pardon my French, but I heard that Shaun White's coach was told to apologize for using the adjective "fuckin" when talking to Shaun before his last half pipe run on Wednesday because he was close enough to an NBC microphone that someone might have heard what he said. It reminded me of the brouhaha about a certain nipple appearing on network TV for a fraction of a second. Because I don't see what the harm is for anyone, even a child, to see a human nipple or to hear an adult say a "bad" word. Hello, last time I looked, we all had nipples, and the vast majority of us have heard bad words, and no harm has befallen us. I have never seen the harm in using these words in this way. The person being talked to was certainly not offended or harmed. He was not being condemned to go to a bad place after death. His religion was not being blasphemed. And I can't help but imagine that the people squawking the loudest about so-called offenses like these are not often complaining about our soldiers being sent overseas to die young or to kill others in a useless cause that benefits no one but a few politicians and oil companies. How do they define harm?